Add passive income to your pet business by giving your clients what they are already asking for!
Welcome to Train Your Bestie where we help dog owners at every stage in their dog’s life with our online dog training course and community. BUT we built this online dog training course with you, the pet professional, in mind.

What would extra income allow you to do in your pet business?

Hire help? Cover payroll? Invest in marketing tactics?

Most pet professionals struggle to have enough money to get ahead with their business and are constantly stuck working IN their business instead of ON their business. We have created an Online Dog Training Program focused on helping your earn passive income for your business by giving your clients what they are already asking you for. Our goal is to give you the financial flexibility to step away from walking, visiting, grooming, and anything else that keeps you too busy to work on your business or spend time with your family.

Become A Reseller!

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What Do You Get When You Become A Reseller?

Our program not only gives you extra money to accomplish goals in your business, but gives you everything you need to market the service. When you become a Reseller you get:

  • Affiliate Links to earn 25% on all sales that come from your links

  • Website copy and images

  • Email Marketing Campaign and Opt-in

  • Flyers & Social Media Images (with posts)

  • Access to our Facebook Community which includes bonus trainings, materials, and more

  • Monthly Marketing Materials that are relevant and topical based on season, trends, etc.

What do we know about being pet professionals?

HI! I’m Crystal!

I have been a pet sitter since 2008 and in that time I have grown my business to over 4000 active clients with a team of over 15, bought out many of my competitors, started a nonprofit that has delivered over 300,000 pounds of pet food to hungry pets along the sea coast, and I am now the co-owner of a local groomer and dog wash.

Trust me when I say, every problem you have faced, so have I! The one thing that I know pet professionals struggle with is having enough money to accomplish the things you want in your business. 

This program is dedicated to helping you make more money while also serving your clients

Desiree Martinez

Desiree has always loved animals. As a military kid, it wasn’t really an option for a Marine Corp family that traveled internationally, but the moment they set down roots pets became priority #1 for her (and the family.) Since she was 11, Desiree has always had a fur baby by her side and continued to add to her family. She currently is the mom to Kara, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Jack Russel rescue, and Vinnie “the squeaks” Martinez, an Australian cattle/miniature pincer mix with CRAZY high anxiety.

Inbetween her fur mom duties, she has been a social media professional since 2009. She has worked with hundreds of small business owners on shaping their social media and online marketing strategize. She is the founder of Social Media Day Arizona, a National video and content marketing speaker, Youtuber, Social Media Examiner contributor, and award-winning social media manager. Her biggest accomplishment is making the two cutiest weirdos ever, Flynn & Harley, with the help of her amazingly supportive Air Force Veteran, hobby-chef, and super finder husband, Stephen.