You love your dog, but these bad behaviors have got to go!
Are you going out of your mind with frustration and embarrassment at your dog’s bad behavior? Are you constantly apologizing for how your dog is behaving?

Armed with our Positive Reinforcement Training as your tool kit and team of experts we will help you accomplish the goals you have for your dog to build a better relationship and strengthen your bond all from the comfort of your home.

In this course you will learn:

  • Why and how your dog is expressing these bad behaviors
  • How to get your dog to perform the desired behaviors you want.
  • Set you up for success by explaining tools, hand signals, rewards, fear & motivation and more.
  • Basics in obedience including sit, stay, crate training, and more.
  • How to deal with specific situations like biting, barking, and leash pulling, Advanced training in dealing with aggression, touch, place training,

Learn For Industry Experts

Our training experts are focused on making sure that you are not only training your dog for success to break those undesirable behaviors but we are going to help you build a bond with your dog through training and education.

Additional information you will get from our course is:

  • Nutrition, hygiene, and mental stimulation
  • Necessary medical care, information about shots, micro-chipping, and licensing.
  • Understanding body language, regression, and why to not use negative reinforcement.

As A BONUS you are also going to get training journals, schedules, checklists, and worksheets as a quick reference as you go through the training to track success and keep you on track. 

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